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Blowing machine



Equipment structure:

Feed system - Single screw extruder - Rotary base - Rotary die - Cooling ring -Membrane

bubble stabilizer -Traction clamp -Drawing device - On line thickness gauge - Automatic coiler

Suitable raw material of this machine:

Contimuous compact granulation + Blowning stone paper machine, the thickness of the product ranges 

from 100 - 180μm, with a low density of 0.9 - 1.2 g/m³. Its appearance is very similar to wood pulp paper

and it can replace majority of the wood pulp paper. It can meet the requirements of the printing process.

It is mainy used as cultural paper for notebook, booksm posters, magazines, etc. Most of the products are

used to replace the double-adhesive paper, coated paper and dumb powder paper in wood pulp paper.


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