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Stone paper casting machine

Stone paper casting machine

Equipment structure:

One step method delay paper machine

Measuring batching system--mixer--hoist--cone double feeder--double screw extruder-single screw extruder- T mold head-cooling roller--traction drawing device--On-line thickness gauge- rewinding machins

The two-step processis deferred paper machine

The single-screw extruder-T mold head-cooling roller--raction drawing device-On-line thickness gauge-- rewinding machine Presentation:

The thicknessofthe stone paper thickness range is 1.3-1.6g/m3,the appearance is similar to the white card paper,the appearance is similar to the white card paper,the product meets the printing process requirement, multi-purpose to make the hand bag paper,the paper box,the paper plate product, the disposable meal plate, the waterproof carton and so on.

One step method flow delay paper machine is suitable for the production of fixed quantity of product specifications.

The two-step method is suitable for the variety of products, and the formula needs to be flexible to make the use of stone paper.



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