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Stone paper rolling machine

Stone paper rolling machine

Equipment structure:

Measuringsystem-mixer--elevator--engine--ilter extruder--four roller olling - traction cooling device-- Rewinding machine


Rolling paper producing process, the rolling product has at hickness of 120-800μm and densiy of 13-16 gm. The rollig product looks similar to photo paper, this product meets the requirements of the printing procss, and can also been embossed, blistered, coated, adhesive, UV varnished, etc. This product has a wide range of applications, and can be used as handbag, packaging paper, decorative paper, wallpaper, special paper, etc,such as wood grind decorative film on surface of high-density board, wallpaper, handbag, imitation leather patterm paper, book cover, fine packaging caron,etc.



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