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Stone paper coating machine

Stone paper coating machine

Equipment stucture:

Unwinding-leveling-corona-face coating head-oven--corona-back coating head --oven--rewinding machine

Stone base paper produced by blowing fim method,tape casting method or calendering method is coated, the coating solution is prepared according to the formula. The base paper is coated on the coating machine by reverse rotary method, by foming reverse velocity diffrence between the paper surfce,the coating roller and the coaing materialsuplyrolle,itcan be evenly and stably adhered to the paper surface, after drying in oven, repeat the same opeain to coat the back of the paper,finall the stone paper roll an be stabilized by constant tension. The products can be used for witing, printig, and making books, magazines, notebooks, advertising brochures, maps tote bags, cardboard boxes and other products.



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