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Double stage granulating machine

Double stage granulating machine:

Equipment structure:

Metering system-mixer-hoisting-forced feeding-double screw extruder-single srew extruder. cager water-cooling granulating-set- vibrating screen barrel

Applicable direction:

PE, ABS,PS,,EVA,and othercolor masterbatch;ABS,EVA,andother flame retardant masterbatches such as PE, PP, PS filed degradation masterbatches;

PE,EVA+calcium carbonate, talcum powder,titanium,carbon black and otherfilings;LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,MDPE sheath material,insulation material;Radiation crossiking material, optical cable covering materil thermal srinkage cable material;

PPR pipematerial,PE erosinking pipematerial;TPR,TPU,TPV themoplasti elastomer,EVAhot meltadhesive,etc.



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